Nomination Criteria


  • Graduate of Easton High School at least 10 years prior to nomination
  • Noteworthy accomplishments as an athlete at EHS including:
  • Conference and State recognition
  • School records
  • Demonstrated excellence in sports related metrics
  • Displayed integrity, sportsmanship, and leadership during and after high school
  • Continued success in post high school athletic participation
  • Strong support from former coaches

Coaches / Athletic Directors

  • Eligible 5 years after retirement from EHS athletics
  • Significant success leading teams to success (overall record, championships, longevity)
  • Demonstrated ability to:
  • Motivate players to constantly improve in sports and life
  • Educate players concerning strategy, technique, rules, and the proper mental approach to the overall game and specific situations.
  • Universally respected as a coach and role model

Team Selections

  • Eligible for nomination 10 years after graduation
  • Exceptional performance throughout season resulting in unprecedented success
  • Demonstrate ability to garner exceptional student body and community support

Voting PRocess

  1. The selection committee will review the nominees to make sure they satisfy enough of the selection criteria to advance to the ballot.
  2. Additional research will be performed on these candidates if needed and time permits it.
  3. The selection committee will review all available information and vote on the eligible nominees.
  4. Each member will vote for a predetermined number of candidates.
  5. The top vote getters will be inducted into that year’s class. For example, if each member of the selection committee gets 6 votes, the 6 nominees with the most votes will be inducted. If there is a tie or ties, an additional vote will be required to determine to break the tie(s). For example, if there are two people or more tied for the last spot, the person with the highest number of votes is selected. If there are 3 or more people tied for 2 or more spots, then the 2 highest vote getters are selected.
  6. The selection committee will vote on the accepted nominees by June 1st. Nominees that were on the ballot but didn’t receive enough votes will remain on the ballot for 10 years. If the nominee is not selected for induction during this period the nominee will be placed in an Honorable Mention registry.
  7. The new HOF members will be contacted by phone. There will also be follow up emails or calls with additional details as they are available.

Nomination Form

Nomintator Information

Nominee Information