The Easton High School Hall of Fame strives to document and celebrate truly noteworthy athletic achievements, individual athletes, and outstanding teamwork throughout our school’s history.

Objectives & Purpose

  1. Chronicle the history of Easton High School and Moton High School athletics.
  2. Recognize the individual and team accomplishments that were truly noteworthy.
  3. Help educate current and past teachers, coaches, players, and students about our athletic history and achievements.
  4. Serve as a motivational tool for coaches and players.
  5. Provide an online website that will include past newspaper articles and pictures, EHS and Moton history, videos of ceremonies, yearbook sports pictures, and career highlights concerning each HOF team and individual.


Selection Committee Structure

The committee shall be comprised of up to 11 members, including the chairperson, athletic director, and 9 other members selected from current Hall of Fame members. The number of voting members may vary for various reasons. These numbers are meant to be guidelines.

When it becomes necessary to fill a vacancy, the athletic director and the chairperson will select the new member(s).

Committee Responsibilities

  1. Manage the nomination and selection process
  2. Notify the new inductees and the nominators of the results
  3. Conduct research concerning new nominations as well as articles and pictures from newspapers found in the Talbot County Library, Newspapers. Com, and the Enoch Pratt Library (they have all copies of the Star Democrat – TCFL is missing some years).
  4. Make all arrangements for the induction ceremony
  • Location, date, time, cost of event
  • Ceremony speeches
  • Awards
  • Banquet details
  • Guest policy
  • Publicity for overall program and induction ceremony
  • Financial coordination with SOS
  1. Maintain the viability of the committee and adjust documentation details to reflect necessary changes to the committee structure and processes

Nomination Process

Nomination Forms are available on the Hall of Fame website~ Click button Below.  Paper copies are also available from the EHS Athletic Department. Submitted forms need to be as complete as possible in order to help in the nominee’s evaluation.

  1. Although forms can be submitted any time they need to be received by April 15th to be considered for that year’s class.
  2. Send completed nomination forms to Kurisha Hoffman, Athletic Director – Easton High School 723 Mecklenburg Avenue, Easton 21601 – khoffman@talbotschools.org or  Gary Wright – Chairman and HOF Founder – gw14850@gmail.com
  3. The Hall of Fame members will evaluate each nominee’s accomplishments and cast their votes for the new class. Information submitted from former coaches (if available) and team members can be especially helpful to the committee.
  4. It can’t be stressed enough that as much information as possible concerning each nominee is the key component required to make educated decisions during the selection process.